Majestic Mt. Daisen stands tall over western Tottori.It is also called Houki Fuji as it looks like Mt. Fuji from north-west side.
‘Daisen Jikan (Daisen Time)’ is the project to promote the charms of western Tottori. The history of the area started at the time of myths.
Savor the eternal flow of time under the sacred Daisen.


Landscape over 24 hours – morning, day and night


Changes of spring, summer, autumn and winter


Past, present and future


Daisen Jikan reveals various faces depending on the season and the time.You will make new discoveries no matter how many times you visit. We will introduce beautiful spots in each of the 7 areas


These items are available
only in DAISEN

The vast blue sky and clean air,beautiful sea and mountain.TOTTORI is full of nature,so you feel like taking a deep breath in TOTTORI.We recommend a lots of local products.

しゃぶしゃぶ・寿司・和食 海王 ㈱味屋コーポレーション
Shabu-Shabu, Sushi, Washoku KAIOU(Ajiya Corporation)

KAIOH's specialities "Kaioh's Plate" and "Crab course meal" are using one whole crab, and fresh local fishes. KAIOH's seafood cuisine uses fresh crabs and local fishes are purchased directly from fishing port. And last but not least, Kaioh's All-you-can-eat Shabu-Shabu includes "Sushi" served by Sushi chef, and a la carte dishes of traditional Japanese Cuisine. Please enjoy.


“Morinokuni” is a nature experience facility located at the foot of Daisen national park. It equips the biggest athletic field in western Japan, playground equipments and camp site. Enjoy nature experience programs over the seasons, such as making baumkuchen with Daisen milk, downhill cycling tour from ski resort to seaside, one of Japan's beech forest guide walk, etc.

Daisen Tom-Sawyer Pasture

Daisen Tom-Sawyer Pasture where you can interact with many herbivorous animal such as alpaca, capybara, goat, sheep and dogs. Enjoy feeding experience, riding pony experience, goat milking experience and mini athletics.


"Hana Nami" is a combination of vegetarian café and beauty salon. A perfect place to enjoy seasonal vegetarian brown rice lunch dish and organic sweets over a choice of pesticide-free vegetables & rice and carefully selected spices. Our beauty salon which following the beauty inherited from the past, you can personally choose from the different blends of plant on offer. It is the time for relaxation and enjoys the feeling.

大山Gビール ブルワリーレストラン「ビアホフ ガンバリウス」
DAISEN G BEER brewery restaurant “Bier Hof Gambarius”

A brewery restaurants owned by DAISEN G BEER brewery, which serves original cuisine making full use of local ingredients and Daisen G beer and local sake from Kumezakura Brewery. You can find “Dasisen G Beer” and local sake “Kumezakura” in our souvenir shop. You can observe the beer making process at the shop’s visitor route.

Daisen Masumizu Highland Sky Lift/Snow Park

Daisen masmizu highland is one of the best places to propose and first “koibito no seichi (lover's sanctuary)” in San'in region. You can enjoy the view from the observatory is located at the altitude 900m by taking the sky lift (8 minutes) during spring to autumn. In winter, it will transform into a snow park. Let’s have fun for all seasons.

Charcoal Grilled Beef Imagawa

We offers dishes make with beef produce from Tottori Wagyu production ranch "Maeda Ranch", famous chicken brand “Daisen Herb Chicken”, the rare Kurobuta pork “Totoriko pork” form the foot of Mt. Daisen, and other local ingredients from Daisen with reasonable prices. Salad bar with vegetables originating from Tottori is also popular.

Kajikoubo Miyamitsu

“Kajikoubo Miyamitsu” is a traditional Japanese metalsmithing studio in Hino-cho, Tottori for over 50 years. Our studio produces various processed products inherited the tradition of “Tataraba no sennyu”. We offers durable, long-lasting products such as Kitchen knife and cast-iron skillet.

ラーメン 悟空
Ramen Goku

“Ramen Goku” is a local popular ramen restaurant located in Yodoe-cho, Yonago City. Known for its beef bone shio(salt) ramen, Western Tottor and central Tottori specializes in ramen that made using beef bone for the soup stock. It's also served ramen in soy, miso, chicken gara soy based soup. It offers a wide range of dishes such as noodles with roasted pork fillet (made of 3 different kinds of meat) , curry, teishoku set menu.

Nouen Restaurant (Inside Chateau Odaka)

Nouen Restaurant offers 60-minute all-you-can-eat style buffet and all-you-can-drink soft drink. You can choose your favorite dishes and slow down to enjoy a meal. Fresh picked, locally grown vegetables is a popular among female customers. The price is also reasonable that attract many frequent customers.

Daisen Reve

“Daisen Reve” offers a wide range of products made with takesumi (bamboo charcoal) such as “Underfloor humidity control” which provide better durability and prevent mold to building, “Food grade bamboo charcoal” for food and drink and“Bamboo charcoal shampoo, treatment and soap” with high cleaning effect.

Otiratoan Saeki

Let’s relax feel in restaurant “Otiratoan Saeki” which offering seasonal dishes and excellent customer service. Enjoy the exquisite taste of seasonal creative cuisine, hand-made soba. There has a gallery attached to the restaurant, which hold exhibition irregularly.

Nanbu-cho General Welfare center Shiawase

“Nanbu-cho General Welfare center SHIAWASE” is a sports centre that provide fun safety and effectivity sport programme to support the mental and physical health of various generations. We have day ticket of swimming pool and training room. School activities such as swimming school, dance school, yoga etc. are also carried out. (resignation required)

久米桜酒造 大山醸造場 酒蔵直売所
Kumezakura Sake Brewery Shop

Kumezakura Brewer has been incorporated since 160 years ago, the Edo period, which is located at the foot of Mt. Daisen, Daisen National Park. You can buy local sake “Kumezakura” produced from underwater flow of Mt. Daisen and local sake rice from our brewery shop directly. Dependent on the time, you can vist the “jizoudaki no izumi” (Jizoudaki Spring) and the field of rice, barley and hops.

Nature Life Japan

“Nature Life” aim at striving to be close to a nature, which make more connected with nature are happier, feel more vital, and have more meaning in their lives. In “Nature life online shop”, you can purchase various items with the theme "senses" and "seasons". In addition, you can also enjoy nature freely, such as forest-walking, in the forest tea cafe "Café Shikisai".

Royal Hotel Daisen

Resort hotel located at the foot of Mt. Daisen. You can enjoy superb views of Mt.Daisen & the Sea of Japan and Daisen Onsen. It takes nearly 10 minutes from Yonago Expressway, which is a recommended sightseeing spots in San'in. The restaurant serves washoku (Traditional Japanese cuisine), French cuisine and buffet during your stay.

Kaeru Kobo Studio

"Frog studio" produces and sells realistic models such as frogs and mushrooms for museum exhibitions, figurines, accessories and stationery, etc. as its name suggests. In the shop adjoining the workshop, you can purchase various goods besides model exhibits of amphibians and reptiles. If you book in advance, you can enjoy coloring experiences with frog figurines and mushroom brooch.

Daisen Garden Place

“Daisen Garden Place” is a comprehensive facility including the shop that sells vegetables, specialty goods and processed foods from the foot of Mt. Daisen, tennis courts, barbecue houses, tourist information centers and so on. Let’s try the popular dish “Jige teishoku (set menu)” with reasonable price and large volume.

Pension Dandan

The wooden interior of guestrooms and handmade accessories and paintings that aims to provide a relaxing atmosphere. On the first floor of the log house, it has two private family bath and loft-style guest room on 2F, which is popular with families and groups. Let’s enjoy the harvested vegetables and mushrooms prepared by owner. Homemade desserts are also popular.

Okimura Pension

A mountain hut style pension founded in 1976 at the foot of Mt. Daisen, offers 4 twins room and 4 bedrooms made from Akita cedar. We serve creative course menu combining Japanese and western cuisine, and handmade bread is recommended for breakfast. It takes 15-minute drive from the starting point of Mt. Dasen and 30 minutes by car from Kaike Onsen Beach.

ご当地ファーム山の駅 大山望

Daisenbou is a local farmers' market and restaurant offering local souvenirs, meat, fruits and vegetables. The market was established in order to provide a space of interactions between tourists and locals. You can find fresh local meat, vegetables, fruits and processed products from Tottori.

Offal Restaurant Imagawa

We offers various kinds of hormones of beef, pork and chicken with plenty of collagen. The 1st floor is a Showa era standing drink style, and 2nd floor is a table seating style. You can also enjoy Tottori Wagyu beef. You can place your orders on tablet with english.