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Nextage Corporation
We have tour guides who narrates in your language based in Kumamoto and Kyushu. You can experience the true essence of Japanese culture by taking part in propose calligraphy, ceramics and tea ceremony. We also provide business support for companies to enter the market in Japan. There are several different types of business consulting that can help achieve your business goals which specializes for food and beverage companies to enter foreign markets and find business partners in major Asian cities.
【Our Businesses】
Human Resources Consulting / Business seminars / Employment agency / Overseas Human Resource / Overseas Expansion Support / Management Consulting / Expenses Reduction / Business Matching / Import & Export Trade Support / Sales Channel Development Support / Regional Revitalization Support

【CONTACT US】 096-221-4119/English: 080 - 8379 - 9169 (10: 00 - 17: 00, weekdays only)Chinese: 080-1535-8093 (10: 00 - 17: 00, weekdays only)
Regular Sightseeing Bus Tour - Beppu “Hells”Tour
Sightseeing tour
Beppu Jigoku Meguri Hell Tour (Duration: approximately 3 hours) Mr. Kumahachi Aburaya, the founder of Kamenoi Bus, was the pioneer of tour buses with female guides and the Beppu's hot spring “Hell Tour” gained popularity. Guide makes traveling around “Hell” more fun♪ Fee: JPY3,650/Adult, JPY3,060/high school student, JPY2,750/middle school student, JPY1,740/child (Admission fee of Beppu “Hells” included)
Nature and mountain activities
Bungy Japan offers you an incredibly rewarding experience which is committed to the concept of self-growth through challenge in a safe and controlled environment,Bungy jumping provide you a unfortgettable chance to face your fears and exploring the farthest reaches of your potential.Let's get extreme with Bungy Japan!
Suruga Bay Ferry
Ocean activities
Enjoy traveling in Shizuoka with a relaxing ferry across Suruga bay!
The ferry offers more than just marine transportation.
In addition to breathtaking view of international trade port Shimizu Port, Suruga Bay,
Nihondaira (which is famous for its views of the Izu Peninsula), Mt Fuji and Miho-no-Matsubara (which are selected and awarded by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site).
if you're lucky, you might see Mew Gull Larus canus during winter.
Showa Retro Themepark “Yufuin Showakan” -ALWAYS-
Japanese culture experience
Consumption came to be regarded as a virtue, and objects all around us came to be thrown away. Through our efforts in collecting this legacy of the Showa period and putting it on public display in reproductions of Showa buildings, we hope to offer both an opportunity to review the Showa period, and a starting point from which we can consider possibilities for society in the 21st century.
Japan Taisho Village
Japanese culture experience
Japan Taisho Village has retained a large number of buildings from the Meiji Era (1868-1912) to Taisho Era (1912-1926), when the town had a thriving silk production industry.
Taisho Village takes you back a century, a village whose buildings and culture date from the Taisho era.
Let’s Travel in time and discover Japan's history in Japan Taisho Village.
An open-air folk museum focusing on the various cultures and lives of people around the world.
Visitors can enjoy unique regional villages featuring over 23 authentically recreated houses, buildings and cultural structures.
As you visit each village, you can taste country’s cuisine and try on the traditional clothing of those countries and event with you friends and family members!
Travel “around the world” in just one day.
EBISUYA Rickshaw Higashiyama Kyoto
Japanese culture experience
Starting your rickshaw tour at Ginkakuji Temple (Silver Temple), Heian Jingu Shrine, The path of Nene (Nene no Michi) in Kodai-ji Temple and Chawanzaka street.
You can fully customize your travel routes depending on what you want and our drivers will lead an exciting adventure.
Let’s enjoy the natural scenery as it varies depending on the season and romantic rickshaw ride in the old Gion district.
Advance reservations are available. For reservation, please call us.
EBISUYA Rickshaw Arashiyama Kyoto
Japanese culture experience
You can fully customize your travel routes depending on what you want and our drivers will lead an exciting adventure.
Enjoy a rickshaw tour passes through the bamboo forest of Sagano, Arashiyama.
Advance reservations are available. For reservation, please call us.
A Hot spring facility in JR Oita City located on 19F-21F for daily use. The open-air bath located 80m above ground level with sauna room and bedrock bath. *People with tattoos are not permitted.
Sky activities
The desire to be a pilot starts with dreams set in childhood. Now you can fulfil your desires with a flight simulator.
EBISUYA Rickshaw Kanmon Kyushu
Japanese culture experience
An exotic port town, Mojiko has been prominent as one of Japan's three major international trading ports.This area is decorated with nostalgic landscapes with historic Western-style buildings which were built in Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods. Let’s enjoy a sightseeing guided rickshaw tour with the exhilarating scene of the Kanmon Strait backing around.
The driver who master the streets of Mojiko skillfully handles rickshaws and conducts sightseeing guides that are easy to understand.
Enjoy strolling leisurely while viewing the magnificent Kanmon Strait that will calm the heart through the senses.

ANA Experience JAPAN Fare

ANA Experience JAPAN Fare

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