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Beni Museum
Art Museum/Museum
Beni Museum is the only place where you can experience and explore history and craftsmanship of making "Beni", and culture of Japanese make-up
“Beni” is red color pigment extracted from safflower petals. Isehan-Honten has been making “Beni” in the traditional way since the Edo Period and the only surviving shop in the country. Fine quality of “Beni” imparts an iridescent green glow. It may come as a surprise that the dramatic change from the iridescent glow to brilliant red when dissolved with water.
Japanese Cuisine
SUSHI GEN, is located in Nagoya Marunouchi, made with seasonal ingredients and fresh ingredients from the market every day, our dishes offer a relaxing dining experience to you. Since we offer different sake from all over Japan, guests can savor delicious sushi with sake.
We open till 12 midnight so you can enjoy a late night dinner in a private comfy place.
Asia Thai Massage Sapporo TAIMOMI
[TAIMOMI (Traditional Thai Full Body Massage service menu is available.)] is a relaxing rhythmic massage from the sole of the foot even to the head☆ The massage consists of stretching of the entire body comfortably which improves both blood and lymph circulation with the restoration of proper energy flow is encouraged which stimulates the natural healing abilities of the body. ◎ Let's pamper yourself with a traditional Thai massage♪
Teppanyaki Madoi
Western Cuisine
We offer course dishes with Kobe beef, Matsusaka beef & A5 Grade Japanese Black Wagyu (virgin female cows). We prepare 9 Teppanyaki counter seats and a private room with 6 teppanyaki counter seats. We are open till 12 midnight and by advance reservation only. Please enjoy fine-dining Teppanyaki in a private space with a relaxed atmosphere.
Traditional style deep-fried chicken wing FuRaiBo
Japanese Cuisine
Burned Chicken/Grilled Skewers
FuRaiBo is a restaurant that serves original fried chicken wings as its specialty.
FuRaiBo birthed the tebasaki dish in which chicken wings are spicy crispy outside juicy inside and seasoned with a special sauce.
From delicious and healthy chicken dishes to seafood, there are also plenty of menus that make you feel abundant four seasons.
You will be fully satisfied with every experience you have with our dishes.
Japanese Cuisine
Crispy skin, fluffy interior. We serve Nagoya specialites hitsumabushi (grilled eel filets served over rice) at a reasonable price!
We offer great food at reasonable prices because we source the freshest eel direct from the market to your table.
Please enjoy the charcoal grilled eels with delicious traditional sauce.
Hitsumabushi will let you experience three different ways to enjoy eel.
Sichuan public house Xiang Chi Dan Dan Mian
Chinese Cuisine
Chinese Noodles
We serves up dandan noodles with savory and Chinese five spices chili oil based sauce with homemade sesame paste.
All the seasonings, including the five spices chili oil are made up to a week in advance as well, which increases the richness and depth and the fragrance of the sesame paste.
We will serve popular dishes such as chilli garlic prawns after 18:00. Let's enjoy drinks and Chinese dishes!
Restaurant specialized in "Nagoya Cochin" chicken TORIKAI Sohonke
Japanese Cuisine
Burned Chicken/Grilled Skewers
A Nagoya Cochin chicken specialty shop serves well selected Cochin chicken dishes.
We serve oyakodon (chicken and egg bowl) which has won championships at "Japan's Best Don (bowl) Grand Prix". Selected Cochin chicken meat which is good for both eggs and meat, which lays many eggs and whose meat is tasty as well.
You will definitely be addicted to the specialty of our restaurant - Nagoya Cochin chicken wing, which is a dish of large fried chicken wings with red wine base secret sauce.
Hot spring
Onsen bathing is an important part of Japanese culture. Enjoy a relaxing moment with our mineral-rich, free-flowing greenish brown color onsen water. Experience 13 kinds of baths including open-air bath, carbonated baths, sauna bath, herbal steam bath, Jacuzzi bath, etc.
There are also various relaxing activities such as bedrock bath, Japanese-style ‘Temomi’ hand massage, ‘Akasuri’ body scrubbing, aromatherapy makes your onsen experience complete.
Don't miss a chance to savor delicious Japanese cuisine at a traditional folk house!
Asahiya Nagashima
Japanese Cuisine
Sukiyaki/Shabu Shabu
Matsusaka Beef specialty restaurant "Asahiya Nagashima" located in Tsu, Mie prefecture, which is a restaurant operated directly by specialty Matsusaka Beef butcher shop "Asahiya" founded in 1958. Matsusaka beef bringing you a time of bliss. Come on and try this unprecedented excitement form treasure of Mie - Matsusaka beef.
The ramen restaurant located in Harajuku, which is one of the lively district in Tokyo at this same spot for more than 20 years.Harajuku store offers unchanging deliciousness since the restaurant's establishment. Please enjoy your meal in a relaxed atmosphere, on your way home from shopping or work.
Asahiya is an old‐established Matsusaka Beef specialty restaurant located in Mie prefecture for over 60 years.We offers high-quality Matsusaka beef and specialty Matsusaka beef direct from the farm at reasonable prices. We also serve Matsusaka beef gift sets which are best matched to sukiyaki and shabu-shabu online and available to ship around Japan.
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